Sunday, November 9, 2008

Congratulations to Democrat Rebecca Schneider for Running the U.S.'s Most Cost-Effective Campaign Against Extremist Do-Nothing Congressman Jeff Flake

Congratulations to Democrat Rebecca Schneider, who ran a brave do-it-herself campaign against extremist do-nothing Republican Congressman Jeff Flake in Arizona's Sixth Congressional District.

According to unofficial results, Rebecca received 103,930 votes, all the while receiving no money and no support from the Arizona Democratic Party, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee or netroots blowhards like Markos Moulitsas on Daily Kos.

Instead, these Democrats concentrated their support and money to Third Congressional District candidate Bob Lord, who received only 102,215 votes - or about 1,500 votes fewer than Rebecca Schneider.

Rebecca received over 25,000 more votes than Democrat Rep. Ed Pastor in the Fourth Congressional District and more than twice as many votes as Jeff Flake's last Democratic opponent.

But Rebecca had only $4,890 in her campaign while Bob Lord, getting fewer votes, had $1,510,470, more than 300 times as much money.

Rebecca Schneider got more votes for less money than any unsuccessful Democratic U.S. House candidate in the country.

Congratulations to her on a brave and lonely campaign!

Unfortunately, telegenic but clueless Congressman Jeff Flake will, as he wrote after the election in the Washington Post, continue to be a right-wing extremist show horse, doing nothing but grandstanding for the voters of his district for the next two years.

But, Rebecca, you did good! We're proud of you!

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Pete said...

Just like 2006 here in Illinois, the DCCC backed the wrong candidate. Our local reactionary was re-elected again that year despite a remarkably undistinguished record in DC, thanks to the solid Dem candidate getting zero support from the national party. It wasn't until this year, when the yahoo "retired", that our district finally went Democratic.


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